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Why Singer John Mayer Seeks Magenta But Attracts Purple

Singer-songwriter John Mayer is looking for love in full colour

"Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the 8 colour boxes, but what you’re really looking for are the 64 colour boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64 colour box, though I’ve got a few missing. It’s okay though, because I’ve got some more vibrant colours like Periwinkle at my disposal. I have a bit of a problem though in that I can only meet the 8 colour boxes. Does anyone else have that problem? I mean there are so many different colours of life, of feeling, of articulation. So when I meet someone who’s an 8 colour type…  I’m like, hey girl, Magenta! and she’s like, oh, you mean Purple! and she goes off on her purple thing, and I’m like, no I want Magenta!”

John Mayer accurately describes the deeply personal relationship we all have with colour and how colour can explain the depth of our emotions and individuality.  What one person sees as his or her own colour palette is the basis for a rich tapestry of colours that shapes his or her life and frames their experience. This tapestry is richly mixed with his or her experience, culture and personal preferences.

Deeply personal, uniquely individual, and wholly one’s own.

We are largely unconscious when it comes to our colour choices.  We think it is a one-way relationship: we choose colour. But colour also speaks to us in a silent, secret language that whispers directly to the core of who we are. Colour guides and directs us to protect and nurture ourselves, it moves us toward the shades, tones and hues - the dark, light and colour - that our minds recognise as ‘safe havens’. Reassuringly constant, our colour preferences steer us away from the rocky shores where perceived danger lurks. Often, fear clouds our perception and makes us doubt ourselves and throws us into murky waters of uncertainty and self-doubt around our colour choices.

Mayer’s analogy describes the deep fear many of us have of colour. We have confused the colour of the soul with the colour of the dress or the colour of the wall. We have chosen a shallow brush stroke and will only wade into the safety of the shallow end of the colour experience - missing out on the richness of the deep dive into colour in all her forms. We scramble away from the hidden depths because of our secret fears and inhibitions. When seen in totality, colour shows our true selves in full glorious technicolor. Fear narrows our focus as we cling to the safety of the shore.


Colour Psychology is the interpreter that moves us all far beyond the ’64 colour box’ of Mayer’s imaginings. It is the translator that allows us to tap into the deep and rich tapestry of life that colours nature and all living things, even our DNA. Colour Psychology’s intermingling of colour meanings, both negative and positive, breaks down the barrier of fear by transcoding colour meanings into a declaration of your personal truth. Right here, right now, always confirming your story. Understanding Colour Psychology allows you to live your life in full colour.  it does not dictate, it only interprets. It allows you to protect and project your personality. It will never judge and only seeks to understand who you truly are and what you really need.

When using Colour Psychology to interpret the dating history of John Mayer, once described as  ‘Hollywood's rent-a-beau’, we see a story emerging behind tabloid headlines. Mayer’s words are surprisingly insightful and revealing. His is a search for deep connection. We see his history of flitting from relationship to relationship, not as a shallow flight but as a journey to find meaning in his life. The ‘Periwinkle’ of his personal preference is the Blue-Violet-White of Colour Psychology. This suggests that he is strong and independent. It describes a man who is very creative, observant and articulate. Clearly, he knows what he wants. The ‘Magenta’ of his soulmate in Colour Psychology terms represents Red-Violet. This means his ideal woman is one with a lot of love to give. He craves the selfless love of an ideal woman who is drawn to being of service to others. 

The colour meanings based on Colour Psychology don’t lie. They uncover the truth behind the mask we place between ourselves and the world. The ‘purple’ partners of John Mayer’s experience are represented by Violet in Colour Psychology. Violet helps to soothe the pains of the body and pacify the turbulence of the mind, perhaps temporarily restoring order inside the cyclonic chaos and surreal experience of celebrity. Yet Violet people are notoriously unable to stay focused on a goal in the face of change. Such upheaval is characteristic of a celebrity lifestyle. However, the short-lived nature of John's romantic relationships may not change with the Magenta woman, she too can be easily disappointed.


Understanding Colour Psychology brings clarity to chaos and opens our hearts and minds to a life lived in full colour. Mayer’s search for a ’64 colour box’ Magenta partner while always finding ‘8 colour box’ Purple, is not an indictment of the lack of depth of his partners as much as it reflects his own fears, limiting beliefs and unrealised expectations. While ‘Magenta’ seems to be the holy grail, he doesn’t really want a partner who is easily disappointed like himself. On the surface, the ‘Magenta’ mate may appear to solve his dating dilemma, but the real solution lies in examining his own insights and motivations and listening to his inner voice.

So, it’s time for us all to throw away the crayons and start taking colour seriously. Courses For Creatives deeply insightful 14-week Colour Psychology Certificate Course helps Design Creatives open themselves to the power and potential of colour by gauging their responses and reactions to colour on an individual level. This helps them to understand the struggles their clients are facing and gives them clarity and vision around each client’s personal wants, needs and desires. As a creative in the arts, design or media, you can connect with your clients far more quickly and on a far deeper level using the power of this unique Colour Psychology Training. You will immediately see your clients’ colour likes and dislikes and translate these into a working colour palette that is unique to them.


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