Colour Psychology House - New Build - Interior Design
Based on a colour psychology reading that reveals the owners colour preferences at the outset, this newly built house blends colour, texture and design to create a seamless flow from the front entry to the back yard. “Introduction of a “colour psychologist” at the outset was a surprising stroke of genius. But how we got from there to here we still can’t comprehend… Your choice of colours, textures, furniture, fittings and wall decorations has been ideally matched to PlaceMate’s design and has managed to span our individual preferences nicely. We appreciate all the time and effort you spent running around on our behalf and thank you very much for that.” Ian and Lola Binch
Colour Psychology House
Round lounge in grey with round zig zag pattern rug and round American Oak Coffee Table sit comfortably beneath the blue and green original art under replica Scandinavian lights. Behind this is the marble dining table with navy fabric chairs and oak legs. Beyond is the white kitchen with green laminated display cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Caco Photography

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